Vision of our society

For More Perfect Union is working for a society that is connecting communities and empowering individuals. Diverse communities all over the United States are working for social change and need to be brought together for common causes.

We believe in a separation of faith and state, as laid out in the United States Constitution.  Our society must respect the rights of all to practice their faith without government interference or restrictions.  We believe the bill of rights guaranteed in our Constitution and in the need for those rights to be defended.

As a nation of immigrants, we recognize the need for and support an immigration system that allows people from all over the world to come to the United States to make a better life for themselves.  The United States need to maintain good relations with other countries and remain a leader among the community of nations.  This will keep us safe and make us stronger.

For More Perfect Union seeks a society where all people have equity and equality of economic opportunity.  The freedoms guaranteed in the United States Constitution mean little to those who can not earn enough money to care for their families.  Our freedom of speech or of religion require all people have the economic opportunities needed to exercise those freedoms to their fullest.